Part I -- The Soul and Spirit of Kiku Heaven

Chapter Four: Yashamaru and The Moon

Name: Ishikawa Yashamaru
Age: Adult
Family: Youngest son of Ishikawa Keiko and little brother of Daisuke.
Origin: Japanese. (Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Aspiration: Knowledge / Family. Sign: Gemini
Hobby: Music & Dance.
Interests: Politics, entertainment, culture, travel, sports, environment.
Likes: Fitness and make up. Dislikes: grey hair [he is probably scared of old age.]
Occupation: His life-time want was to become a Criminal Mastermind, which realized shortly after his graduation. He then became a Space Pirate and when the time to move on came he chose a post on the Media. Soon enough he discovered he could not fit in the world of business and entrepreneurs and handed his resignation.
Status: Married to Strife Cloud.
Children: Five sons. Four natural twins (Yasu & Sephiroth, Yoshinori & Kojima) and young Takahiro.
Pets: None
Previous lives: None
Moment in time: Cloud’s cheating.
Worst Fear: Death of Cloud.

Couldn’t you tell by now? Yashamaru had been attracted to Cloud since they were teenagers; the mere sight of Cloud was able to make his heartbeats increase to dangerous heights, making it hard for him to maintain his composure. Whenever Cloud came home with Norikazu after school Yashamaru would pretend being absorbed in his homework, and if Cloud’s presence became too much to bear, he would run upstairs and lock into his room.

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Part I -- The Soul and Spirit of Kiku Heaven

Chapter Three: Troubles in Kiku Heaven’s Student Neighbourhood --  An Interlude

Fall Seven times and get up eight

When Ceci moved to College she was not only still dating Kazuo, but she also said Yes when he proposed to her. However, she chose to live with Stephen and Jiro instead of moving with Kazuo and his brother, Hiroshi. She and Stephen had grown up together like siblings, we cannot blame her decision at all, can we?
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Time out! Time for music...

...time for YASU!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Janne Da Arc in Black Jack

I am currently arranging the photos of the next chapter. Coming shortly. Not that there is a crowd anxiously waiting. :D I'm just saying -- for those interested.
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Part I -- The Soul and Spirit of Kiku Heaven

Chapter Two: Hitoshi's story

When the character of a man is not clear to you look at his friends.

Stop staring at me like that! It is not polite and speaks volumes of yourselves, not to mention you make your thoughts so obvious that you would be stripped of any advantage in a hypothetical argument. 

I could make some allowances and be merciful to your quick judgment since you know nothing of me even though you think you know something. But I will let you in a little secret: [ Warning: intense male love follows]
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Part I -- The Soul and Spirit of Kiku Heaven


The new generation of Kiku Heaven brings in the scene some peculiar characteristics when compared to their parents with some of them making their appearance quite early. Most notable of all is perhaps the omission or the very rare use of honorifics in their daily speech -- which is considered rather rude when you come to think of it.

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Prologue: Shedding light in the past [ last part ]

It is better to travel hopeful than to arrive disenchanted.

The sky is clear and the sun shines brilliantly, nothing is left to remind the terrible storm that hit Kiku Heaven the previous days. As Akiko expects, Koichi takes the opportunity to talk to her, and tells her everything. He does not mention the baby though, as he does not want his wife to get the wrong impression. He wants to spend the days of his life with Andy, and if Andy brings a baby with him little difference does it make. Andy is all that matters to Koichi, and this is all Akiko needs to know. The arrangement is simple: the boys will stay with Akiko, and Koichi will take on his shoulders all the financial burden: the house title is transferred to Akiko’s name; Koichi keeps paying the monthly installments to the Bank; Koichi will also pay the College fees for the boys to have a proper education. Do they both agree? Yes. Do they feel better after their mutual agreement? No. Koichi might have things done exactly the way he wants, but a part of his heart feels as if crying; a civilised divorce can be as painful as any, for men are creatures of habit and even the smallest of changes make them feel uneasy. The only thought to comfort Akiko’s hurt feelings and pride is that Koichi left her for a man. This is something you cannot fight, you cannot compete with, leaving you stripped of words and arguments. Perhaps in the future she and Koichi will be friends again, but right now any attempt to pretend all is fine will ruin their efforts to be kind to each other, despite who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

Koichi’s gloomy moments are over once he is settled at Andy’s house. He can’t help but smile as he sees Stephen and Ceci talking to the baby, to Andy’s belly to be more precise. Their positive attitude holds some hope for the future.
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